Project management redefined

Planplex helps you plan, estimate, track progress and stay in touch with your project team

All the features, none of the hassle






Planplex has been built from the ground up for instant sharing and synchronization, providing per-task instant messaging, collaborative project editing, and integrated project wikis. Multiple profiles can be individually assigned to project members, and even your clients.

Planning and estimation

Our planning engine offers all you need to have your project under control at all times:

  • Seamless planning and estimation of per-task dates, duration, effort and progress
  • Resource management and assignation
  • Flexible calendars definition
  • Task dependencies
  • Milestones

All through a beautiful, clean and fast user interface.


Once your project is set in motion, everyday activity is the only thing that counts towards success. And Planplex provides all the tools you need to track it: activity accounting per resource and task, auditing of activity records, integration of daily effort into your plan's estimation, and a project status dashboard.


With our flexible integration system, any task can be linked with any number of external resources: files in your intranet or cloud storage services, customer service or engineering tickets, repository check-ins... you name it!

Simple pricing


per user / month

Unlimited projects

No hidden fees